Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOVE THIS BABY! We went out for a walk and she just had to wear her sunglasses!
Austin and I in our Holloween costumes... Michael Jackson... go fugure, and a Fire girl!

My new Tattoo.... CRAZY! What was I thinking? Dont get me wrong... I love it but OUCH!

Our little Colby, just relaxing in his bed!

God Never Fails

Well, as of 2 weeks ago I've got a job! I would have gotten to ya'll earlier but they called of a Thursday and I started on Saturday and its just been non stop ever since! Finally got a Saturday morning off! YEAH! Well Im doing all the file work for patients that come in, which is an average of maybe 130 a day! Not too bad hu? I like it and the people I work with are fun, so that makes a difference. Well ill keep you updated! And i need to add some pics... maybe ill do that in a min!