Friday, April 30, 2010

Colby... need I say more?

Life goes on...

Hi! It's been so long I'm not even sure if anyone is still on here. Life goes on with or without my posts and boy oh boy has it been going.
Austin will soon be going back to TB full time and he cant wait! Good things!
Iv'e just started working for Kansas City Heart Group! It seems like a great practice and I will enjoy growing there. Its funny... everyone is sad that the lady I will be replacing is leaving, and I guess i never thought about that part of the job. I was just so happy that they had an opening and I got the job. A lady said today that they will miss her but the people she will be with next will be lucky to have her. I hope they feel the same about me, seems like big shoes to fill. Along with me feeling like my head is about the size of a hot air balloon with information and I cant ask enough questions to keep it blown up before she leaves and I just deflate... I guess I can only stay afloat and then fly higher.
But, as we know... LIFE DOES GO ON!

Some updated pics!

Maizie at an Easter egg hunt.

Jonathan, Talan, Kendall, Ashley.

Josh and Jamie on their wedding day!

Austin and Kristi on Christmas.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spending some time at the lake with my TOO BIG niece! Love the bikini!
Another wedding Austin was in!

Wedding season is back!

Well, just 17 days until my big brother Josh gets married! I cant believe its almost here! Well, time has just flew by with work, thoughts of this wedding and planning going on! Guess ill have to post some pics when its all said and done!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Welcome back me! Love this and hate this. Its just so hard for me to sit down on this thing after working on one all day and get some info out there. Well, here's whats been going on in my life... Austin is wrapping up this school semester! YEAH! A's and B's! He is looking for a new job! He is ready for the 9-5 life! I dont blame him! So i guess school will be in the evening now. Ashley had her beautiful baby girl! 7.8 oz and 18 in long. How perfect! Dont worry, if you havent seen them yet i have a couple to post for you! Work is going good! Man, if I haven't said it before, I TRUELY HAVE A R-E-A-L JOB NOW! Whats the saying... Work hard, sleep harder? Well thats what it is for me now, but hey, thats ok, im getting use to it! And how about the sunshine! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Good buy coats and boots, hello shorts and flip flops! Talk to yall.... sometime... no promises soon.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

LOVE THIS BABY! We went out for a walk and she just had to wear her sunglasses!
Austin and I in our Holloween costumes... Michael Jackson... go fugure, and a Fire girl!

My new Tattoo.... CRAZY! What was I thinking? Dont get me wrong... I love it but OUCH!

Our little Colby, just relaxing in his bed!