Thursday, December 11, 2008

thAnK gOoDnEsS fOr nAiL pOliSh

Another day here. They are so lucky they pay me or this would be such a waist of time! Maybe at my next job ill actually get to do SOMETHING! I'm not really complaining, but when you don't get a lunch break all day and you have called 1/2 the people in your phone book and there is just nothing left to do... wait... I need to do my nails! YES! That's what ill do now... gota go now... busy busy busy!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Who needs a job anyways?

So just the other day I was sitting at work.... like always just waiting for someone to come in. When all of the sudden... someone came in! (LOL) But this wasn't a normal customer, it was our bosses boss. And thats when I (we, my co-workers)found out that as of December 26th they will no longer be leasing our facility. Well basicly that just boiled down to them letting us know that we were being "layed off" (normal people call it fired). So I have started looking for a job and if you know of anything good out there just let me know! (april, I know what your thinking...) But since Austin will be on winter break durring this time I just figured who needs a job now anyways? Could be a fun couple weeks!


We took family photos yesterday! Its so funny to know how big your family is getting but then when you try to get your photo taken and everyone is trying to fit into the picture, and the photographer is saying... "move in a little closer" Well... thats when i actually noticed that there are 9 people in our family now and not only 6... and 3 people... well they really make a difference! But thats what we do! we move over and make room for eachother! And of corse we had to get pictures of Momo! And of corse, she is a natural! She loved it.... besides the fact that she slept through most of it. When she was awake she loved the lights and the flashes. Cant wait to get them back!


Im very proud to say that we have all of our shopping done for the holidays! Besides waiting for a few things from the ineternet to come in they are all wrapped too!! So proud of my self! Now... I just have to wait to see all of you so you can have yours!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Birthday or Thanksgiving?

Well here it comes! This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving so this should be a great year to celeberate things that I am thankfull for! And since some of Austin's family will be in town this year and were having the big Birthday/Thanksgiving feast at our house it should be quite different and most of all exciting! Wish you all a great Birthday(for me)/Thanksgiving (lol)!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Night Night

I just love this baby! Oh... so since we decited she looks like an eskimo... I nick named her Momo!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Im an Aunt!

As of yesterday I am proud to say I have now added Aunt to my resume of life descriptions! My brother had his beautiful baby girl, Maizie Noel yesterday at 4:17pm. She weighs 9 pounds 6 ounces and is 20 and a half inches long! She is so cute, but hey I am her Aunt Kiki (thanks for the name Luke)! She has jet black hair that covers her entire head and had the roundest... biggest cheeks ever!